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Furniture Repairs

Carroll’s Carpet & Upholstery is a professional service who are are able to carry out repairs to your armchairs and sofas.  We carry out these services across the North West of England.  Repairs are be carried out on or off site as necessary.

Services include:

  • Seat Boosting

  • Lumbar Support Repair

  • Spring Repairs

  • Frame Repairs

 Revive your Furniture

Has your favourite seat started to sag?

Has your sofa seen better days?

Has your lumbar support given way?

Would your cushions benefit from boosting?

Carrolls Carpet and Upholstery cleaning have repaired all types of sofas, wingbacks, chesterfields, recliners, armchairs, suites and couch’s in and around the northwest. so if your furniture is in need of repair, you are in the right place. Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised by how little it can cost to repair rather than replace.

90% of our repairs can be done at your home within a couple of hours; however there are some situation where a repairs requires us to take your item off-site, more often than not we will have your item back with you, good as new within a few days, this will be discussed at your preinspection visit.

Pre-Inspection Visits

Obviously it is impossible for us to fully grasp the complexity of a repair, seat boost or spring replacement until we have visited your home and assessed the damage. This applies to all jobs big and small, in some rare cases we may be able to give you a guide price over the phone; however this is subject to change.

So with any job, whether it is a carpet clean or a repair we book a pre-inspection visit just to discuss your requirements and asses the job. at the end of the visit (usually 10-15 minutes) we will give you a quotation for the job, a breakdown whats involved and the timescale.

Our pre-inspection visit free and no obligation!

Book your pre-inspection visit today call us on 01942 409 401 / 07881 816 839 or click here or for our contact us page.