Spot & Stain Reduction

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At Carroll’s we are aware that accidents will happen and we are here to offer our services to help rectify any damage that may have happened on your soft furnishings.

We offer a call out service for spot & stain removal which are charged by the hour. As each case has its’s own requirements we will need to find out as much information as possible before we can discuss the likelihood of removal.

There are no guarantees that spots & stains will be removed.

Having been trained by leading industry professionals we have the knowledge and experience to help out when you require.


Please feel to contact us with you requirements.



The images above show a tea stain on an 80/20 wool blend carpet, the tannin from the tea can leave staining on the fibres so its important to act fast.

If a spill such as this occurs try and absorb as much of the liquid as possible using towels, paper towels.

Once absorbed, use a damp cloth with minimal water, to gently blot the affected area, never rub as this may burst the fibres construction.

Using a clean side each time, gentle dab the carpet until no more transfer is visible. Should staining remaining you may need to contact a professional.