Upholstery Cleaning

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Specialist Upholstery Cleaners

Carrolls Carpert and Upholstery provide a professional cleaning service to refresh and fully clean upholstery and soft furnishings in the St Helens, Wigan and surrounding areas.

Having your soft furnishings cleaned by a trained professional will improve their quality and even extend the lifespan. By keeping your sofa in great shape you will save yourself the expense of purchasing new, regular professional cleaning can help prevent this. Using the latest and most hygienic method, hot water extraction, we will thoroughly clean your upholstery.

The products we use are safe to use around pets and children, there are several different varieties depending on your upholstery type as there is no one product that fits all. A pre-inspection prior to cleaning will identify which solution and method of cleaning is best.

All Our Carpet/Upholstery Cleans Feature a 5 Step Process

  1. Pre-vacuum- Before every carpet, rug or upholstery clean starts with a thorough vacuum.
  2. Pre spray- A pre-spray solution is sprayed on to the upholstery to help to cut through any grease and soils.
  3. Agitation- The pre-spray solution is left on the upholstery for a set period of time and where soiling is heavier a brush is applied to help break them up.
  4. Hot water extraction- The hot water extraction machine rinses through the upholstery fabric and flushes out all soils and solutions used during the clean. A professional and high powered piece of equipment which can be controlled to be used on more delicate fabric
  5. Reset fabric and Turbo dry – The upholstery fibre is reset with an appropriate brush. Air movers speed up the drying process.

To clean leather we use a different method. Our exclusive leather cleaning and finishing cream solutions will leave your leather sofa looking good as new. Contact us with your requirements today